Science is Everywhere: Forces in Action

Rob Colson

6-9 years
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10 October 2019
32 pages

This visually led guide reveals how science can be found in every part of our daily lives!

How does gravity make Earth spin around the Sun? How do racing cars slow down? What can reduce friction? This book explores mass, machines and forces. See how they govern what we do and how they can make our lives easier.

Jam-packed with incredible facts and activities to try for yourself, the vibrant visuals make the science behind core concepts really easy to understand.

This book is part of the Science is Everywhere series, which demystifies the key science topics and shows how they relate to the world around us with fun, colourful graphics. These books are ideal for children aged 9 plus who are studying science, or for young readers who want to get to grips with science in a fun way.

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