Small Knight and George: Small Knight and George

Ronda Armitage

Arthur Robins
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Orchard Books


Small knight doesn't want to fight a dragon, he wants to stay at home and play kick-a-ball with his friends. He doesn't even know what a dragon looks like. But it's what big brave knights do, so he sets out on his quest. As he travels the land on his trusty steed, George, he sees the havoc a dragon can wreak! But what happens when he finally comes face to face with one?

A fabulously funny, read-aloud adventure from Ronda Armitage - author of bestselling family favourite The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. With detailed, cartoon-style illustrations from Arthur Robins.

In the media
A well-told tale...wittily expressed

Books for Keeps

A nice piece of nonsense...the exuberant illustrations are fun, as is the nonsense of a well-told story line which is likely to make many friends

School Librarian

This extremely funny take on courage and chivalry is a joy

Books Quarterly (Waterstones)

Heartwarming fun read

Angels & Urchins