Out on 11 August 2022

Earth's Amazing Cycles: Animals

Sally Morgan

6-9 years
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11 August 2022
32 pages

A vibrant exploration of animal life cycles

Earth's Amazing Cycles: Animals looks at the wonderful and diverse world of wildlife, and how animals are born, grow, reproduce and die in a constant cycle.

Spanning core science and geography topics, Earth's Amazing Cycles makes sense of the natural processes in the constantly changing world that surrounds us, from food chains to photosynthesis and from reproduction to rock formation, and reveals how these processes work together in a complicated and fragile balance. It also highlights throughout the importance of caring for our unique planet.

Earth's Amazing Cycles showcases fresh, vibrant new illustrations and clever infographics. A funny character features throughout, guiding readers through the information and providing opportunities for humour and engagement.

Titles in the series: Animals/Energy/Plants/Rocks/Seasons/Water