Awesome Engineering: Spacecraft

Sally Spray

6-9 years
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12 September 2019
32 pages

A guide to landmark achievements in engineering!

Follow the developments of spacecrafts, as they have got more advanced, have travelled further and helped us explore the universe through engineering skill, design and ambition.

Get to grips with the mind-boggling advances that have been made in engineering, and find out about awe-inspiring developments in technology. The books in the Awesome Engineering series are filled with impactful artwork, diagrams and explanations that make the awesome feats of engineering easy to understand.

Presents a chronology of landmark engineering achievements from around the world with fascinating facts about each construction

Bright and bold artwork, alongside clear explanations and diagrams, guide you through a chronology of landmark engineering achievements from around the world.

Perfect for reader 9 and up.

Out of This World!
Sputnik 1
Vostock 1
Apollo 11
Lunar Roving Vehicle
Voyager 1 and 2
Space Shuttle
Hubble Telescope
Rosetta Mission
International Space Station
Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe
Spirit and Opportunity Mars Rover
Fascinating Facts
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