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A Strange Kind of Brave

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

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What doesn't kill you makes you ... stronger? A poignant and gripping story about the power of fear, food and love - from bestselling Waterstones Children's Book Prize shortlisted author Sarah Moore Fitzgerald.

Jake McCormack is the villain of Clonkirk. He's just killed a boy - deliberately run him over with his truck, on the bridge, in front of everyone. And he knows he'll get away with it.

Luca, 14, is the new boy in town. He's looking for a fresh start after a terrible thing happened to him at his old school. Clonkirk is terrible, hopeless place, but Luca and his mum are going to give it a go. They've opened a new Italian restaurant, and his new friend Allie has come to work there. Allie is honest and kind and the best friend Luca's ever had.

Allie, 14, has lived in Clonkirk all her life. She remembers when another villain ruled over the town and when Jake arrived to take over. Luca is the best thing to have happened to Clonkirk in years. She'll try to warn him about Jake. She'll try...