Out on 13 October 2022

Explore Ecosystems: On a Savannah

Sarah Ridley

6-9 years
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13 October 2022
32 pages

Find out about the circle of life on Earth's amazing savannah habitat.

Explore Ecosystems: Savannah dives into the diverse wonder of Africa's grassland biome. This habitat is home to lions, ostriches, dung beetles, zebras and more. Readers find out how this ecosystem works through the lives of these animals. It explores how savannah life relies not only on other living things, but on non-living things, such as the seasons, volcanoes and rivers.

The importance of balance in the natural world is a key theme - showing how animals large and tiny have an impact on their environment. The Explore Ecosystems series is a perfect introduction to habitats for readers aged 7 and up.

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