Wild Weather

Liz Gogerly

Illustrated by Sr. Sanchez
6-9 years
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12 August 2021
48 pages

Weather is awesome and exciting - it's part of our everyday lives but what is it?

This funkily illustrated title explores all types of weather with four children Anjali, Lulu, Mason and Noah. Their teacher, Mr Sangar, explains that weather is about what's happening in the atmosphere. And, there are six major things going on up there that are constantly changing and making our weather. Mason's dad explains the water cycle to them. They experience all types of weather, such as rain, snow, sleet and hail and see some fantastic rainbows too. They learn about extreme weather, such as floods, hurricanes and typhoons and find out how to identify different types of clouds and lightning. They discover the different climate zones, learn about jet streams and get serious about climate change and global warming.

Get Busy activity suggestions encourage children to be actively engaged.

There are also full-page, step-by-step activities for how to make a cloud burst or a tornado in a jar.

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