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The Age of Dinosaurs: The Rise and Fall of the World's Most Remarkable Animals

Steve Brusatte

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Discover dinosaurs as you've never seen them before! This is the mind-blowing truth of their prehistoric story, from the ultimate dinosaur professor – The Age of the Dinosaurs is a must-have for any aspiring paleontologists or young dinosaur-enthusiast.

You've likely seen Jurassic Park, heard of Godzilla and know about Rex in Toy Story. Dinosarus are everywhere: on TV, in books, you can search them on the internet and see their bones at museums. And you MIGHT think you know everything there is to know about dinosaurs; but what if you've got it wrong?

Join modern-day dinosaur hunter Dr Steve Brusatte as he takes you on a brilliant prehistoric journey. Discover how these incredible creatures really ruled the earth for 150 years, meet other dinosaur hunters, find out what it's like to be a paleontologist and even how it feels to discover a new type of dinosaur!