EDGE: I HERO: Quests: Air Blast

Steve Skidmore

Jack Lawrence
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Franklin Watts


Tyranno, the evil Starlord, plans to attack Earth with his alien armies. Your quest is to defeat Tyranno.
But first YOU must battle Hurrikano, lord of Airworld, who is preparing the first strike.
Use your high-tech DART suit to defeat Hurrikano and capture his Staff of Power before he can use it
to invade Earth.
You are the hero of this book. Only you can decide your own destiny...

In the media
This is a fantastic book for boys who need to be introduced to reading for pleasure, it lets the imagination flow as you are the hero of the book and get to decide your own destiny. This book can be used for independent reading in upper KS2 as well as guided reading. It can also be used in golden time as a classroom activity in which the class vote on which option to choose.

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As soon as one I Hero book reappears in the library it is snapped up within the hour.

G Trueman, Bath