The Princess Who Had No Kingdom

Ursula Jones

Sarah Gibb

2010 Long-listed

CILIP Kate Greenaway Children's Book Award

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Once there was a princess who had no kingdom. All she had was a pony and cart, and a red umbrella to keep her dry from the rain. What she lacked in wordly possessions though, she made up for in kindness, cleverness and beauty - qualities that made all the rich princes with kingdoms to spare want to marry her. But what is a kingdom without love?

A wise and witty modern-day fairytale from Roald Dahl Funny Prize-winning author, Ursula Jones. Brought magically to life through Sarah Gibb's exquisite art.

In the media
[Told with] skill and aplomb ... The story runs through al the usual tropes of royal balls and scheming mothers but gives them a modern twist

Financial Times

Such outstanding substance with prettiness is rare

The Sunday Times

A real find ... a wise and witty modern fairytale

The Bookseller

fresh and original

The Bookbag