A World of Dinosaurs

Jonathan Tennant

Illustrated by Vicky Woodgate

Ages 7 to 10
22 July 2021
96 pages


From RIP-ROARING Tyrannosaurus Rex, to TAIL-WHIPPING diplodocus, explore a world of dinosaurs in this fact-packed compendium, illustrated by Vicky Woodgate.

Travel back in time and discover what the world looked like in the age of the dinosaurs!

Moving from continent to continent, readers will discover more than 60 incredible species, from favourites like T.rex to new and exciting discoveries like the tiny Troodon - the world's most intelligent dinosaur. Vicky Woodgate's vibrant illustrations are accompanied by insightful and surprising text by palaeontologist Jon Tennant. Stylish design makes this book the perfect gift for dinosaur lovers young and old.