Illustrated Compendium of Birds

Virginie Aladjidi

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Franklin Watts


Discover over eighty different types of birds from all over the world - some exotic, others more familiar. You will find them classified by species, from the Cuculiformes like the common cuckoo to Galliformes like the partridge and the junglefowl, among many others. Every bird is precisely identified by its common name and scientific name, and succinctly described with a fun fact. It is perfect for exploring the creatures great and small that make up the animal kingdom and how they are classified by the naturalists that study them.

The Illustrated Compendiums' beautiful illustrations recall the style used by naturalists and explorers such as Charles Darwin and John James Audubon. Children aged 7 and up will enjoy dipping in and out of these books, inspired by the fascinating illustrations and facts.

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Will appeal across the age ranges ... a beautiful book

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The exquisite large watercolour and Indian ink illustrations, which are very clear and beautiful, really bring the birds to life.

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