African Animal Tales: Sleepy Cheetah

Adrienne Kennaway
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Hodder Children's Books


This is the story of how Cheetah got her distinctive spots, and discovered that she could run as fast as the wind.

Long ago, Cheetah was sandy-coloured and lay snoozing all day on the Great African Plain. There was no need to run to hunt because animals simply tripped over her. But one day there is a fire on the plain, and all the other animals are fleeing. Will Cheetah discover her speed in time?

An African tale with a traditional feel, celebrating the speed and grace of the Cheetah.

The first book in the series - Greedy Zebra - was published in 1984 and the series has stayed in print ever since.

Praise for the series: 'Their books are beautiful to look at and to feel, and perect for reading aloud.' School Librarian
'A delightful book.' Books For Keeps

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Their books are beautiful to look at and to feel, and perfect for reading aloud.

School Librarian

Gorgeous watercolour visuals and a pacey text keep listeners entranced as they follow Cheetah's transformation from somnolent creature to graceful speedster.

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Praise for a previous African Animal Tales title: A delightful book.

Books For Keeps

Praise for Greedy Zebra: "A book that both adult and child will welcome."

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