Jeffrey Herbst

Greg Mills is director of the Johannesburg-based Brenthurst foundation. He is widely published on international affairs, development and security, an adviser to African governments, a regular columnist for local and international newspapers, and the author of the best-selling books Why Africa is poor – and what Africans can do about it (2010) and, with Jeffrey Herbst, Africa’s third liberation (2012). In addition, in 2014, he published Why states recover: Changing walking societies into winning nations – from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Jeffrey Herbst is the 16th President of Colgate university, a leading liberal arts college in the United States, and has written extensively on political and international affairs. Dr Herbst started his career as a professor of politics and international affairs at Princeton university where he taught for 18 years. His primary research interests are in the politics of sub-Saharan Africa, the politics of political and economic reform and the politics of boundaries. He has served on the Advisory board of the Brenthurst foundation since 2005.