Joanna Trollope at the Woordfees Festival

Woordfees is one of South Africa’s largest visual and performing arts festivals and hosts over 500 performances and events with the sole aim of reminding us of the incredible ingenuity, inspiration, creativity and resourcefulness of the human spirit.

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    01/03/2019 0:00

Joanna Trollope is the author of many highly acclaimed and bestselling novels (her book sales have reached nearly seven million). She is well-known for her enormously successful contemporary works of fiction, with over 30-years of writing experience.

Here's a chance to meet Joanna Trollope: 

Kick-Ass Heroines | 4 March 14:00 | ATKV Book Tent | R55 and R70 at the door
Joanna Trollope, Carina Diedericks-Hugo and Sophia Kapp in conversation with Hannelie Booyens.
Joanna is known for speaking her mind about the vapid heroines found in popular fiction for women. Why do none of them choose a career above having a family and children? Where are the popular stories that show women in the kinds of relationships that we have in real life? She joins a panel of three successful local female authors.

Martie Meiring meets Joanna Trollope | 8 March 18:45 | ATKV Book Tent | R55 and R70 at the door
Joanna Trollope joins Martie Meiring to talk about the lack of novels in which women refuse to be super women and openly choose careers over families and children.

LIEFDESROMANKURSUS With: Sophia Kapp, Elsa Winckler and Joanna Trollope | 9 March 09:00 - 17:00 | J.C le Roux |R650
Did you ever think it possible that you could learn from a writer who has sold over 7 million books? Joanna Trollope, British best-selling author of romance and other popular novels, shares her five decades of experience in this workshop. Come and learn how to download that idea in your head into an easy reading, modern romance novel. 

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