The Knysna Literary Festival

Now in its 10th year, The Knysna Literary Festival aims not to only expose locals and visitors to South Africa’s literary talents, but also to provide a platform for authors and readers to connect.

  • Location

    Thesen Islands, Knysna

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  • Event Date

    08/03/2019 0:00

This year the festival will be hosted from 8 – 10 March, offering a diverse programme. Join our authors (Vanessa Raphaely, Tony Park, Eric Naki and Bantu Holomisa) on the following days:

Friday, 8 March | 09h00 - 10h00 | Sirocco Restaurant
R150 pp (Booking Ref A)
The Game Changer: Adriaan Basson, Bantu Holomisa and Eric Naki
A conversation about The Game Changer, an engaging biography (co-authored by Eric Naki) detailing the live of General Holomisa and how he made his mark as a gamer changer in South African politics.

Saturday, 9 March | 11h00 – 12h00 | The Turbine Boutique Hotel and Spa
R150 pp (Booking Ref F)
Plus One: Vanessa Raphaely
Vanessa Raphaely, former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine in a discussion about her thrilling debut novel, Plus One.

Saturday, 8 March | 13h00 – 14h00 |The Turbine Boutique Hotel and Spa
R150 pp (Booking Ref G)
Scent of Fear: Tony Park
Tony Park in a discussion about his gripping action thriller exploring the world of tracker dogs and their handlers in the war against poaching in Africa. Tony Park has written 15 other thrilling novels set in Africa.

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