Wonder: The Natural History Museum Poetry Book

Ana Sampson

6-9 years
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02 September 2021
272 pages

Wonder: The Natural History Museum Poetry Book is a beautiful gift hardback collection of poetry with poems inspired by The Natural History Museum.

It covers everything from the depths of space to the very centre of the earth - there are poems about the solar system, planet earth, oceans and rivers, birds, dinosaurs, fossils, wildlife, flowers, fungi, insects, explorers and palaeontologists. Each section includes an introduction and some footnotes about particularly interesting species.

The museum has a collection of over eighty million objects and behind the scenes of its twenty-eight galleries crowd kilometres of preserved specimens, libraries of rare books and artworks, wonders gathered on some of the most famous voyages in history, rooms packed with pressed plants, warehouses teeming with stuffed animals and freezers full of DNA. As well as a museum, it is a state-of-the-art centre for discovery with over three hundred resident scientists and over ten thousand visiting researchers each year, investigating everything from dinosaurs to life on other planets.

The collection is made up of brand new and classic poems and is illustrated with botanical drawings and engravings from the museum’s collections.

This fantastic collection speaks of the wonder of nature and shows us why we need to look after our incredible planet.

this gorgeously illustrated anthology covers everything from oceans and rivers to fossils.

Red magazine

it’s as awe-inspiring and thoughtful as you’d hope


The book is a celebration of our planet and the natural world, and there’s plenty here to inspire children (and adults) to do all that we can to keep it safe, with Gerard Benson’s “A Small Star” and Pascale Petit’s “#ExtinctionRebellion” providing great talking points with our older readers about climate change and what we can all do to help make a difference.

Sarah Dawson, The Independent