Pan Macmillan South Africa is not accepting unsolicited manuscripts this year. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to find various resources that might be useful for you at this time.

Guidelines for submitting your work to Pan Macmillan

As a South African publishing house, we believe in publishing books by African authors and/or books that deal with contemporary African themes and issues.

Due to the priorities of our local publishing programme, we have decided to focus on submissions that fall under the commercial fiction genre, which we define as:

Fiction that that has mass appeal. These are stories that deal with universal themes, such as love, mystery, betrayal, relationships, and similar issues. Commercial fiction is often fast paced and demonstrates depth in characterisation and context.  With commercial fiction, the writing style is simple and straightforward in order to make it accessible to many readers.

Manuscript submissions that fall under other genres will not be evaluated or considered.

All submissions should contain:

  • A covering letter and 500-word synopsis, along with three completed chapters of your manuscript (in either Word or pdf format).
  • Please do not submit the entire manuscript.
  • A note on the author’s view of the potential market.
  • A note on any competing books and what might distinguish the author’s book from these.
  • The author’s contact details. All material must be typed.
  • Please ensure all pages are numbered consecutively.
  • No handwritten submissions will be considered.
  • Only works of the highest writing standard and level of originality as well as broad market appeal will be considered.

If you do not hear from Pan  Macmillan within 6 weeks of submitting, unfortunately your submission has been unsuccessful.

For tips on how to improve your writing or more information on how to get published click on the below resources:

Watch our Commercial fiction workshop here that took place in December 2020 in collaboration with All About Writing, intended to give an overview of the publishing industry, including editorial, sales, marketing and publicity.