Critical But, Stable

Angela Makholwa

Age 16 +
24 September 2021


‘It’s Angela’s wit for me. The unexpected twists and turns … the truth in it. Things are really critical behind those high fences.’


‘The standout bestseller of the year; love, sex, betrayal and the best shoes in town! Waspish, ridiculously funny and sharp. This is a must, must read!


The Msibis, the Manamelas and the Jiyas are high-flying married couples who belong to the Khula Society, a social club with investment and glitzy benefits.

The wives are smart, successful in their chosen careers and they lead lifestyles to match – jostling for pole position in the ‘Keeping up with the Khumalos’ stakes. The husbands have had their successes and failures, sometimes keeping dubious company and getting to the top of their fields by whatever means necessary.

Beneath the veneer of marital bliss, however, lie many secrets. What will happen to their relationships when a devastating event affects all their lives?