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The Imposter

Anna Wharton

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Anna Whartons debut, The Imposter, is a gripping story of obsession, loneliness and the lies we tell ourselves in order to live with ourselves . . .

Chloe lives a quiet life. Working as a newspaper archivist in the day and taking care of her Nan in the evening, she's happy simply to read about the lives of others as she files away the news clippings from the safety of her desk.

But there's one story that she can't stop thinking about. The case of Angie Kyle - a girl, Chloe's age, who went missing as a child. A girl whose parents never gave up hope.

When Chloe's Nan gets moved into a nursing home, leaving Chloe on the brink of homelessness, she takes a desperate step: answering an ad to be a lodger in the missing girl's family home. It could be the perfect opportunity to get closer to the story she's read so much about. But it's not long until she realizes this couple aren't all they seem from the outside . . .

But with everyone in the house hiding something, the question is – whose secrets are the most dangerous?

In the media
I read Anna’s book in one sitting and loved it! It grips and drags you into ever darker, more terrifying territory right up to the last paragraph, and beyond that, too, leaving you grappling with your own sense of morality

Tasha Kavanagh, author of Things We Have in Common

A compelling story of obsession and loneliness

Nell Pattison, author of The Silent House

Evocative, beautifully written and wise, this pacy novel really is one of the best pieces of fiction I have read this year

Fiona Mitchell, author of The Swap

With an intriguing and obsessive protagonist and a claustrophobic setting, it’s a tense and compelling read that kept me turning the pages until the final twist

Debbie Howells, author of The Bones of You