Ottoline and the Purple Fox

Chris Riddell

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Ottoline is back in Ottoline and the Purple Fox, a brand new adventure from Children's Laureate, Chris Riddell.

Ottoline and Mr Munroe love puzzles, clues and mysteries. One day, they meet an enigmatic purple fox, who offers to take them on a night-time urban safari. The fox shows them all the hidden animals of the city and Ottoline makes notes on them in her field notebook. Mr Munroe is making notes too - on the anonymous poems he finds stuck to lampposts on their journey. Who is the secretive poet, and how can he and Ottoline help them mend their broken heart?

In the media
This book is beautifully illustrated and the story teaches us all how important it is to care about others.

The Week Junior

Ottoline is my favourite of the Children's Laureate's creations and this long-awaited title does not disappoint. It is just as clever, quirky and hilarious as I'd hoped.

The Scotsman

Entertaining and humorous, they are books in which the pictures are integral to the text, in a sophisticated read.



The Sunday Times