To My Sisters

Courtney Daniella Boateng

Renee Kapuku

01 February 2024
240 pages


From the hosts of the hit podcast, To My Sisters, comes this frank, funny, and essential guide to sisterhood – for fans of Keep The Receipts and Slay In Your Lane.

'A testament to the revolutionary power of sisterhood' – Kelechi Okafor, author of Edge of Here

'A guide to manifesting sisterhood that lasts a lifetime and nourishes beyond the surface level' – Dazed

Join online big sisters Renée Kapuku and Courtney Daniella Boateng as they share their lessons, learnings and stories on sisterhood, and teach you how you can find, build and nourish lifelong friendships. Using their friendship profile framework, you’ll discover what kind of friend you are — open, demanding, reserved, strong or closed — and how this impacts how you show up in your friendships.

From setting your own goals and dreams, to outlining what you desire from your platonic relationships and identifying where you are being underserved, this book is your essential toolkit for building sisterhood.

Relatable, accessible and practical, To My Sisters contains all the resources you need to build healthy friendships, community and sisterhood.

'To My Sisters guides you through the process of building and nourishing healthy connections' – Huff Post UK

The heart is a wonderful thing and can hold much more than romantic relationships. To My Sisters is a testament to the revolutionary power of sisterhood.
To My Sisters puts some respect on platonic friendships in a world where we're told that the utmost accomplishment is getting a ring and walking down the aisle. Beautifully written.
To My Sisters is an essential read. Courtney and Renée are incredibly wise and yet so relatable and encouraging.