Out on 03 March 2022

The Darkest Sin

D. V. Bishop

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03 March 2022
432 pages

The Darkest Sin is an atmospheric historical thriller by D. V. Bishop, set in Renaissance Florence and is the sequel to City of Vengeance.

Florence. Spring, 1537.

When Cesare Aldo investigates a report of intruders at a convent in the Renaissance city’s northern quarter, he enters a community divided by bitter rivalries and harbouring dark secrets.

His case becomes far more complicated when a naked man’s body is found deep inside the convent, stabbed more than two dozen times. Unthinkable as it seems, all the evidence suggests one of the nuns must be the killer.

Meanwhile, Constable Carlo Strocchi finds human remains pulled from the Arno that belong to an officer of the law missing since winter. The dead man had many enemies, but who would dare kill an official of the city’s most feared criminal court?

As Aldo and Strocchi close in on the truth, identifying the killers will prove more treacherous than either of them could ever have imagined . . .

A real pleasure. A lavender-scented, sun-drenched convent hidden among the backstreets of Florence is the absorbing setting for Cesare Aldo's latest investigation. The conflicting ambitions and ideals of its cast of interesting women make this an engrossing mystery

Leonora Nattrass, author of Black Drop

A beautifully realized Renaissance Florence, the return of the whip-smart protagonist Cesare Aldo, and a brutal murder behind convent walls — delicious!

Alison Belsham

A bloody crime in a convent full of nuns is a splendid concept in itself but add the sights and smells of medieval Florence, a series of flawed and often sinister male characters and a some cracking twists in the narrative and you have a gripping tale

Joanna Hickson