Out on 04 July 2024

Wartime in the Dales

Diane Allen

04 July 2024
320 pages


September 1939.

Friends Maggie Shaunessy and Lizzie Taylor are heartbroken to be evacuated from their Liverpool homes to rural Yorkshire.

Lizzie is sent to live with a vicar in the village of Gargrave while Maggie finds herself delivered by chauffeur to Hawith Hall and Lady and Lord Bradley.

Both the hall and the vicarage are far different to what the girls are used to – and both are very homesick. Though Maggie finds friendship too in the form of Alice, a young servant at the hall who takes her under her wing.

But change is coming to the Dales too leaving the girls feeling harboring desperate plans of run away, back to Liverpool . . .

A warm-hearted and compassionate tale, evoking the long and tough working hours of farming life, but Allen also brings us romance, the shining light of shared adversity and proof of the enduring power of love and family to transform even the darkest days