Out on 06 June 2024

Disney Fascinating Facts

Age 7 +
06 June 2024
192 pages


Did you know that toothed whales, like Bailey from Finding Dory, use echolocation to navigate the oceans? Or that the traditional Chinese clothing worn in Mulan is called hanfu, which translates to 'clothing of the Han people'?

Curious minds will love discovering over 1,000 fascinating real-world facts. Learn about the oceans with facts about creatures from Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid. Explore facts about favourite animal characters such as Simba from The Lion King and Dante from Coco. Discover the history of toys and games with Buzz and Woody from Toy Story and marvel at the science of super heroes with the Incredibles!

With over 30 topics across the subjects of Nature, Art, History, Science, Leisure, Geography and more, there's a wealth of information to delight and inform all the family.

Featuring artwork of favourite Disney characters, fans of all ages will love this fun trivia book.