Out on 03 October 2024

Bothered by Bugs

Emily Gravett

Ages 3 to 6
03 October 2024
32 pages


A very funny picture book story in which Pete the Badger, star of Emily Gravett's award-winning books Tidy and Too Much Stuff!, learns valuable lessons about the importance of all creatures, big and small, in maintaining the harmony of nature.

Pete the Badger is choosing a delicious recipe from his new fruit cookbook when his peace is interrupted by a teeny tiny fly. The fly becomes a swarm and soon all the animals are being bothered by bugs and insects of all kinds . . . before helping Pete to rid the forest of every single one. Disaster! Now nobody's around to clean up the poo, and come autumn, there's not a berry or a cherry to be found. But the lesson is learned, the bugs are released, and order is restored to the forest once again.

Richly detailed, wonderfully humorous illustrations will keep readers coming back for more.

Twice Kate Greenaway Medal winner Emily Gravett's delightful rhyming story is a colourful celebration of nature's equilibrium and promises fun, laughter and learning. The perfect book to read aloud.