Shiver Point: It Came from the Woods

Gabriel Dylan

Age 9 +
14 September 2023
224 pages



Welcome to SHIVER POINT, home of spooks, screams and small-town horror! Enter if you dare...

Shiver Point is boring. Nothing interesting ever happens there and there's never anything fun to do. At least that's what Alex has always thought. Until one night, in the dead dark, he spots what looks like a meteorite plummeting into Howlmoor Forest.

Intrigued, Alex goes to investigate. But little does he know, four other kids have also spotted the strange streak in the sky: 'troublemaker' Oli, studious Sophia, curious Mo and budding engineer Riley. What they discover is far beyond their wildest dreams - in fact it belongs in their nightmares. Can the gang work together to save the town from the bloodthirsty bodysnatcher that's arrived with the meteorite before it's too late?

One thing's for sure: Shiver Point will never be the same again.

Packed with chills and thrills, SHIVER POINT is a hair-raising new horror series for readers aged 9-12, perfect for fans of GOOSEBUMPS and DREAD WOOD.

(SHIVER POINT by Gabriel Dylan was a Times Children's Book of the Week on 16/09/23)
Think Stranger Things meets The Goonies with super creepy killer slugs. The ultimate chiller thriller series for 9-year-olds.
If you love a mystery, a scare and a group of children leading the way, then It Came from the Woods is for you! It's also an absolute essential to have in every library to fill the gap for short, good reads.
A fab cast of misfits, a mysterious meteorite, body-snatching goo and a nippy chill factor, Shiver Point is the stranger thing you need in your life!