The Cowley Twins

Gail Schimmel

Age 16 +
01 April 2024
276 pages


When everybody has a secret, something has to give

Alison has always known about the heartache that lies at the core of her husband’s family. Over thirty years ago, babies Isabella and Melissa mysteriously disappeared when their mother, 32-year-old Tertia Cowley, took them with her to a doctor’s appointment. Tertia left the babies in the care of the receptionist. A man claiming to be the twins’ father arrived ten minutes later and left with the girls. The twins were never seen again.

Years later, old documents resurface that reveal family mysteries and unanswered questions. The lies start mounting when Tim’s wife, Alison, begins to unknowingly uncover the truth. An obsessive journalist with a history of stalking stirs things up for the family, while brother and sister, Julie and Cricket, are given devastating news that will alter their lives forever.

Will Alison be the person who can finally answer the question of whatever happened to the Cowley twins?