Out on 18 July 2024

Loving Me After We

Ginger Dean

18 July 2024
304 pages


Are you repeating old patterns in relationships?
Do you struggle to express your boundaries, standards and core values with your partner?
Want to shift the narrative in your dating life and become the best version of yourself?

Too often, conversations about toxic relationships have revolved around them: their choices, their behaviour, their problem. Right?


Loving Me After We is here to set you you straight and help you on your path to healing. In this warm, encouraging and honest guide, psychotherapist Ginger Dean will show you:
- How your trauma responses can keep you trapped in the cycle of toxicity
- Why you choose unavailable but familiar partners
- How you can break free from co-dependency
- What you need to do to move on from the past to create a future where you can truly thrive

This is your essential handbook to breaking up with toxic relationships for good, healing from past traumas and moving towards a more joyful future.