Begin Again

Helly Acton

09 May 2024
416 pages


Despite living firmly in her comfort zone, Frankie McKenzie feels unsettled. She can't help feeling something's missing. Is it a home to call her own? Travel? A more rewarding job? A relationship? Before she can work it out, she dies in a freak accident after yet another dud of a first date.

But life isn't over for Frankie. Instead, she is offered a second chance: Frankie can revisit key moments from her past to see if different choices will lead to the fulfilling life she's always dreamt of.

What would you change if you could begin again?

Praise for Helly Acton:

'A romcom with a difference' Sarra Manning

'Genius, funny and thought-provoking. 5 stars' Carrie Hope Fletcher