The Prodigal Daughter

Jeffrey Archer

06 October 2022
496 pages


Spellbinding and suspenseful, Jeffrey Archer delivers thrills like no other author in The Prodigal Daughter. A magnificent story of love and politics, a No. 1 worldwide bestseller and the enthralling sequel to the multimillion-selling global phenomenon Kane and Abel.

With a will of steel, Florentyna Rosnovski is indeed Abel’s daughter.

Inheriting all of her father’s drive but none of his wealth, she is in pursuit of an ambition that far exceeds either her father or his great rival William Kane – to be the first female president.

Born into a life of luxury, Richard Kane is determined to carve his own path in the world whilst building a future with Florentyna, the woman he loves.

With Florentyna’s ultimate goal only a heartbeat away, both are about to discover the shattering price of power as a titanic battle of betrayal and deception reaches out from the past – a blood feud between two generations that threatens to destroy everything they have fought to achieve.

‘If there were a Nobel Prize for storytelling, Archer would win’ - The Daily Telegraph

A master entertainer
If there was a Nobel Prize for storytelling, Archer would win
Witty, action-filled . . . Archer's masterful narrative produces thrills and surprises