Think Like a Breadwinner

Jennifer Barrett

13 May 2021
336 pages


A new kind of manifesto for the working woman, with practical guidance on building wealth as well as inspiration for harnessing the freedom and power that comes from a breadwinning mindset.

Women are now the main breadwinner in one-in-four households in the UK. Yet the majority of women still aren't being brought up to think like breadwinners. In fact, they're actively discouraged – by institutional bias and subconscious beliefs – from building their own wealth, pursuing their full earning potential, and providing for themselves and others financially. The result is that women earn less, owe more, and have significantly less money saved and invested for the future than men do. And if women do end up as the main breadwinner, they've been conditioned to feel reluctant and unprepared to manage the role.

In Think Like a Breadwinner, financial expert Jennifer Barrett reframes what it really means to be a breadwinner by dismantling the narrative that women don't – and shouldn't – take full financial responsibility to create the lives they want. Featuring a wide variety of case studies from women at all stages of their careers and financial lives, Barrett shares the secrets of women who already think like breadwinners. Barrett reveals not only the importance of women building their own wealth, but also the freedom and power that comes with it.

'Barrett’s manifesto is a must read for any woman at any stage of her career.' - Eve Rodsky, author of Fair Play

Think Like a Breadwinner is the roadmap women need to take charge of their financial futures. Jennifer Barrett empowers readers to be unabashedly confident while getting smart about their money behaviors, ultimately unlocking their fullest potentials and wildest dreams.
Barrett’s manifesto is a must read for any woman at any stage of her career. This book is about so much more than the power of money – it is about empowering yourself for a lifetime of success in all domains.
Jennifer Barrett’s Think Like a Breadwinner is an eye-opening and engaging read for any women beginning, progressing or reflecting on their career. This sharp and stylish read is a powerful narrative that you will want to share with any female in your life.