Johnny Clegg

JOHNNY CLEGG was born in England on 7 June 1953. He grew up in Zimbabwe and South Africa, and spent a formative year in Zambia as that country transitioned to independence in 1964. Together with Sipho Mchunu, Clegg formed the multiracial band Juluka. They toured the length and breadth of
South Africa, performing in township halls and at music festivals. The song ‘Scatterlings of Africa’, a hit in 1979, launched their international career and saw the band invited to perform in Europe and the United States. In 1986, after Juluka disbanded, Clegg formed Savuka, and many of his iconic songs came from that era – ‘Asimbonanga’, ‘Great Heart’ and ‘The Crossing’. Clegg died on 16 July 2019, leaving his wife Jenny, and sons Jesse and Jaron.

Books by Johnny Clegg