The Hammer of Eden

Ken Follett

30 May 2019
576 pages


The Hammer of Eden is a pulsating, state-of-the-art suspense thriller from master storyteller Ken Follett, author of Never and The Pillars of the Earth.

A Deadly Threat
The FBI receive an anonymous threat from a terrorist group that claims it can trigger earthquakes.

A Lone Agent
Judy Maddox, an FBI agent with a point to prove, is tasked with investigating the threat by her obstructive superiors. She must discover if it is credible and, if so, where it comes from.

A State on the Verge of Destruction
When a suspected, machine-generated tremor is detected her investigation reaches a critical point – can she find those responsible, and their next target, before they trigger a catastrophe that will devastate the entire West Coast of America and the millions of people who live there . . .

Crackles with suspense
So exciting I found myself setting the alarm clock for four in the morning to finish it