The Third Twin

Ken Follett

30 May 2019
656 pages


A chilling story of hidden evil, The Third Twin is a heart-stopping, spine-tingling novel from master storyteller and author of Never, Ken Follett.

An Impossible Result

Jeannie Ferrami, a scientific researcher investigating the behaviour of identical twins who have been raised separately, uncovers a perplexing mystery: identical twins who were born on different days, to different mothers, in different places.

A Blossoming Love

One of the twins, Steve, is a law student. The other, Dennis, is a convicted murderer. Jeannie works with Steve on her research project and finds herself falling in love with him – but their world is shattered when he is accused of a monstrous crime.

A Terrible Secret

Jeannie cannot believe that Steve is guilty, but to prove it she will be forced to question everything she believes. And, as she digs deeper, she uncovers a terrifying conspiracy – one which the plotters will kill to keep hidden.

A provocative, well-paced, and sensational biotech thriller’
Follett infuses the book with an irresistible energy’
A high-tech read about genetic engineering, with emotional depth