These Things Really do Happen to Me

Khaya Dlanga

01 September 2018


Some people know Khaya Dlanga as a highly regarded marketing professional, who has worked for several advertising agencies and global-chip companies, but most people know Khaya as a collector and teller of stories. From his early vlogs to his lively discussions on various social media platforms, Khaya’s words have shown us how we all have stories to share and how stories can bring people together.

In These Things Really Do Happen To Me, Khaya describes everyday experiences that have shaped his life. He recounts amusing anecdotes – from chasing horses as a child in rural Transkei, to the time he fell asleep next to President Thabo Mbeki – as well as moving stories, such as meeting his sister for the first time and only time. Not one to shy away from heavyweight topics, Khaya also shares why conversations about race are not controversial, what his feelings on feminism are, why we must bring back small talk, and how to take a sneaky break when your family is working you too hard.