Out on 04 July 2024

Whole Life Sentence

Lynda La Plante

04 July 2024
432 pages


Newly promoted Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison has elbowed her way into the Area Major Incident Pool, an elite team investigating non-domestic murders.

With her new position, she hopes things will change: the rampant sexism, the snide remarks, the undermining. Then she gets her first assignment: a five-year-old cold case of a missing teenager no one else has any interest in investigating - and an assumed suicide Tennison suspects is, in fact, murder.

But as she gathers the crucial evidence to secure arrests, Tennison's new colleagues watch like vultures circling prey. And one by one the cases that she has built from the ground up are taken from her - and the glory along with them.

Tennison has seen it all before - but this time feels different. Get the job done here and she will rise to a level never before reached by a woman. It's hers for the taking. She just has to do what she's been doing brilliantly for years: find her prime suspect . . .