Out on 04 July 2024

The Divorce

Moa Herngren

04 July 2024
400 pages


A brilliant, cinematic and gripping family drama sure to cause a stir in the book clubs and living rooms everywhere, THE DIVORCE explores the unravelling of a marriage from first the wife, then the husband's point of view, as the picture becomes more nuanced and long-held secrets are unearthed . . .

There are two sides to every story . . .

Together for more than thirty years, Bea and Niklas live a comfortable life in Stockholm. But one evening, following a trivial argument, Niklas disappears. Weeks pass before it emerges that he has met someone else. To Bea's horror, he insists they must divorce.

But is this divorce really coming out of the blue? Is the person who does the leaving always the one at fault? What emerges once you begin scratching the surface?
The Divorce pulls back a curtain on a long marriage, a close family, and in one moment reveals the devastating truth that has been hiding in plain sight. Moa Herngren writes with such compassion and insight, bringing the characters so vividly to life that their emotions and passions become our own. I love this novel.
Book club alert: who's been cruel and who's been clueless in this marriage that can't be saved? The Divorce deftly unmasks the secrets and stresses of an unraveling relationship that absolutely begs to be discussed.