Advocates for Change

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01 July 2011

In his insightful bestseller, Architects of Poverty, Moeletsi Mbeki examined why Africans comprise the majority of the world’s bottom billion, illustrating how Africa’s political elite are to blame.

Not content with articulating only the problems, in Advocates for Change Mbeki brings together experts from across the continent who believe there are solutions to the challenges that Africa faces. In these pages you will hear from L. Amédée Darga on Mauritius; David Everatt on class formation and inequality; Mike Herrington on entrepreneurship; Jonathan D. Jansen on education; Paul Jourdan on mineral resources; Gilbert M. Khadiagala on elections; Thandika Mkandawire on re-industrialisation; Seeraj Mohamed on the economy; Sindiso Ndema Ngwenya on regional integration; Mandivamba Rukuni on traditional agriculture; and Francois Venter and Helen Rees on health.

This accessible, highly informative collection covers diverse fields to reveal in thought-provoking chapters how Africa can once more be set on the road to development.