Positively Teenage

Nicola Morgan

10-12 years
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24 May 2018
208 pages

Positively Teenage gives you tools to approach your teenage years with optimism and understanding and to develop real wellbeing for life.

The media so often portray adolescence negatively but this book shows you how to approach these years far more positively so that you can really flourish and be in control. You'll find simple strategies to develop a positive attitude, growth mindset, self-understanding, determination and resilience and you'll see how those strengths will help you cope with any challenges, enjoy life and achieve your potential.

Full of practical, proven strategies for physical and mental health, Positively Teenage will show you lots of ways to flourish physically and mentally - from doing things you enjoy to learning new skills; looking after your diet, exercise and attitude to being healthy online; getting great sleep to understanding your personality - allowing you to take control of many areas of your life. With these new strengths and skills, you can survive any storms and thrive on the challenges of your exciting life.

Scattered throughout are POSITIVE BOOSTS: quick ideas for actions you can take to build positivity and well-being. Add them into your life and use your imagination and your new understanding to invent others.

Positively Teenage gives you the power to let yourself flourish, achieve and be who you want to be. Use your powers well! Be truly, positively, teenage! Stand tall, stretch your arms wide, take a deep breath and say, loudly (or in your head), 'I can do this!'

"Nicola Morgan has that rare gift of being able to communicate science and make it fun." Professor Simon Baron Cohen, University of Cambridge

The lively presentation, easy readability and plenty of visual material all add up to an approachable, accessible and motivating book which will be dipped into throughout early teen years, and continue to have a lasting and positive impact.

Parents in Touch

There's not much author Nicola Morgan doesn't know about the teenage brain and this new title that focuses on well being for teens is informative, well researched and useful. It's written in a very accessible style and is easy to dip in and out of so it's easily digested. Lots of quizzes throughout promote self reflection and encourage good habits to keep the mind and body healthy. Lots of links for accessing follow on materials are provided and the page layout is fun without looking patronising or childish. A must have for every secondary school library.

Bev's Bookshelves, Good reads