The Steve Biko Memorial Lectures

Age 16 +
12 July 2011


The Steve Biko Memorial Lecture, an annual event held by the Steve Biko Foundation, is a series of lectures by some of the African community’s foremost scholars, artists, religious figures and political leaders. The lectures explore the enduring legacy and leadership of Stephen Bantu Biko in a contemporary context.

The Steve Biko Memorial Lectures: 2000–2008 is a compilation of the memorable lectures delivered at the event since its inception in 2000.

Described as a resuscitative moment, the series probes the inextricable link between the individual and society; the challenges and opportunities that face developing nations; and attempts to define a mandate for this generation of leadership.

This book is published in commemoration of the life and legacy of Stephen Bantu Biko in the hope that it will contribute to realising the purpose for which Steve Biko lived and died: restoring people to their true humanity.