Odo: Super Owl!


Ages 2 to 6
09 March 2023
32 pages


Meet Odo and all his friends at Forest Camp in this exciting picture book adventure, based on the animated TV series, now showing on Milkshake!

Odo is a little owl who loves going to Forest Camp to play with all his friends. Today he has been reading his comic book and decides he wants to be a superhero too – he's SUPER OWL! He tries helping the chickens, and Leonardo the peacock, and even the toucans, but nobody needs his help. Then he hears the sound of someone in trouble – can Odo be a real superhero and rescue his best friend Doodle?

Based on the preschool animated series shown on Milkshake, Odo: Super Owl! is a charming picture book which captures all the warmth and humour of the TV episodes, with themes of building self-confidence and empathy in a unique beautifully-crafted forest setting. It includes a special spread at the back with reading tips for grown-ups and ideas for discussion with your child.

Join Odo and his friends for more adventures at Forest Camp in The Egg, Show and Tell and Odo's Sleepover.