Reset, Rebuild, Reignite

Pavlo Phitidis

Age 16 +
01 August 2020


‘This crisis has been an amazing catalyst for change for our business. Putting together our battle plan has allowed us not to be paralysed by the unknown and we have literally reset our entire business model.’

‘The only way out of this crisis is to find the new normal. The tools, case studies and personal insights provided are so valuable to help keep your head straight and be reminded of the steps needed to reach your destination.’

Crises mean change. And for any business owner, change means opportunity.

There is nothing new about a crisis stalling or wiping out a business. The COVID-19 pandemic that has hit businesses globally does not feel any more or less devastating to the business owner than if their business was affected by the sudden loss of a dominant client, a trade war, burst water pipes halting operations, intransient employees or their product no longer being relevant to the market.

In Reset, Rebuild, Reignite, the second book from Pavlo Phitidis, his starting point is not how to avoid crises because some are inevitable. Instead, he shows how you can use any crisis to reset your business to get relevant, rebuild it to scale, and reignite it to accelerate growth by capitalising on the change and opportunities that any crisis brings with it.

Stories of business owners who have successfully turned crisis to their advantage are underpinned by Pavlo’s practical, action-oriented insights, tactics and strategies that will have you reading with a highlighter in hand, and will equip you to tackle any crisis that affects your business.