The Trade Off

Sandie Jones

28 March 2024
400 pages


The Trade Off from Sandie Jones - the author of the Reese Witherspoon Book Club pick, The Other Woman - is an addictive, page-turning psychological thriller about how far a journalist will go to get the story. Everyone has a price. What's yours?

Would you print a lie across a front page?

For Stella, Deputy Editor of The Globe, the choice has always been clear. There is no stone she will leave unturned in her pursuit of the best story. It’s what she’s built her reputation on.

For Jess, The Globe’s rookie reporter, the story stops when the truth does. But she knows that the dirty tricks of the tabloids will be hard to overturn.

And when the subject of the story Jess is working on pays the ultimate price, she suspects that the paper may have had more to do with it than they’re letting on . . .

What price would you pay to uncover the truth if someone is prepared to kill to bury it?

What readers are saying about The Trade Off:

'This book was insane!!! I have always loved Sandie Jones but this book right here is definitely her best yet' *****

'Another masterpiece from Jones!' *****

'I had never read a Sandie Jones novel before. I am absolutely a fan now!' *****

'Flew through it!! Once again, Sandie Jones had a clever plot and really went above and beyond' *****

'Captivating. . . It deserves a resounding 5-star rating'

Praise for Sandie Jones:

'One of the most twisted and entertaining plots' - Reese Witherspoon

'A perfect beach read' - Kristin Hannah

'A brilliant page-turner. . . Sandie Jones is the queen of the twisty thriller' - Sarah Pearse

'Whiplash-inducing final pages' - New York Times Book Review

'A twisty, deliciously fun read' - Sarah Pekkanen

'Will leave you breathless' - Liv Constanstine

A chilling journey into the dark and merciless world of today’s tabloid journalism, where truth is perverted and lives are destroyed. Gripping, thought-provoking, and shocking. You will think of this every time you are tempted to “click” on a story
The Other Woman is an absorbing thriller with a great twist. A perfect beach read
Plot twists galore! Totally addictive