Hashtag Happy

Theodora Lee

Age 13 +
27 October 2021


@VideoPrincess: I never meant to hurt anyone, including myself, the way I did…

Diana Murray’s life is #goals. Home might not be perfect but her Instagram can be. After only a few months on YouTube her subscriber count is soaring, she’s getting recognized in public and the absolutely gorgeous @ErichLang is sliding into her DMs. How can she be anything but #happy? But while Diana and her friends are living it up with Cape Town’s favourite social media celebs she sees something she wishes she hadn’t, something that could get you #cancelled for good. Just as Diana tries to bring the shocking event out in the open, her phone is confiscated and she is sent to rehab for social media addiction while trolls are tearing her down online. Will Diana take responsibility for her actions and start the journey towards recovery and freedom, or will she remain a prisoner of the false security that social media brings?

Hashtag Happy is the fast-paced, honest and piercing Young Adult debut from South African YouTuber and social media marketer Theodora Lee.