Ghosts of the Past

Tony Park

Age 16 +
01 June 2020


‘A page turner which is as informative as it is entertaining. Highly recommended to the armchair historian.’ – The Witness

‘An engrossing story that will keep you awake until long after the clock has struck midnight. You’ll learn something about our troubled past and little known historic events that have relevance today. And there’s a twist in the tale that will take you by surprise. A typical Park ploy.’ – Brian Joss, The Gremlin

‘Thrilling adventure based on a true story.’ – Daily Telegraph

‘In Ghosts of the Past, Park once again shows why he is one of Australia’s preeminent thriller writers. Cleverly utilising multiple timelines to tell an outstanding story across Africa’s history, this is an amazing novel. Highly recommended.’ – Canberra Weekly

Will tracing the history of a maverick Australian adventurer in southern Africa lead two intrepid researchers to untold riches or to suffer the same unimaginable fate?

Historical adventure meets modern thriller in this epic story of war, betrayal, greed and love, based on true events.