Killing Jericho

William Hussey

18 January 2024
368 pages



'One hell of a ride' - THE TIMES
'Revelatory' - VAL MCDERMID
'A must-read' - JANICE HALLETT
'A genuine triumph' - IAN MOORE
'What more could a reader ask for?' - JOHN CONNOLLY
'A thrilling helter-skelter' - SARAH PINBOROUGH
'A fantastically gothic thriller' - SJ WATSON
'An absolute cracker' - T.M. LOGAN
'A first-class thriller' - CHRIS WHITAKER
'A blisteringly new brand of hero' - SARAH HILARY
'Agatha Christie meets Se7en' - TINA BAKER
'Furiously-paced and full of twists' - ALEX SMITH
'Addictively dark' - HEAT

Scott Jericho thought he'd worked his last case. Fresh out of jail, the disgraced former detective is forced to seek refuge with the fairground family he once rejected.

Then a series of bizarre murders comes to light - deaths that echo a century-old fairground legend. The police can't connect the victims. But Jericho knows how the legend goes; that more murders are certain to follow.

As Jericho unpicks the deadly mystery, a terrifying question haunts him. As a direct descendant of one of the victims in the legend, is Jericho next on the killer's list?

From the award-winning author of The Outrage comes Killing Jericho, the gothic, helter-skelter thriller debut that introduces crime fiction's first ever Traveller detective, Scott Jericho.

What readers are saying about the most exciting thriller of 2023:

'I read it all in one go just could not bear to put it down' ***** Liz W, Netgalley
'A perfect thriller' ***** Kyle W, Netgalley
'Simply stunning' ***** Bev H, Netgalley
'Holy ****, this is good!' ***** Marieke D, Netgalley
'Full of mystery and suspense with twists that kept me guessing' Aria H, Netgalley