The Reed Dance Stalker

After 16 years, Lucy Khambule returns in The Reed Dance Stalker, the gripping sequel to Red Ink, from the celebrated crime-thriller writer, Angela Makholwa.

The Reed Dance Stalker

by Angela Makholwa

Book cover for The Reed Dance Stalker

'And in breaking news, convicted serial killer and rapist, Napoleon Dingiswayo, escaped from Pretoria's C-Max Prison at twelve-fifteen this afternoon ...'

Fortunately for journalist and PR maven Lucy Khambule, the alarming news, in January 2006, that her nemesis might once more be on the loose has proved to be false. Charred remains in a prison pipe-shaft, along with a suicide note, are confirmation that convicted serial killer Dingiswayo is dead. Once Detective Justice Morapedi brings her a copy of the note to compare with the letters the killer wrote to her, Lucy tries to put her unease aside.

A year on, Lucy is flying high in her life and career. Her book on Dingiswayo is a bestseller, she is in demand for talks and interviews, and her company has been chosen as part of the team organising glamorous events around the Preliminary Draw to take place at the Durban International Convention Centre ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

But who is the person stalking her on Facebook? And what should be made of the gruesome ‘copycat’ murders of two young women at the Reed Dance in the neighboring kingdom of Swaziland? Is this the work of an ex-convict on a deadly mission or are there other dangers lurking?

When events in Durban take an unexpected and terrifying turn, Lucy finds herself completely alone and in the fight of her life.