Warrior King by Wilbur Smith

The next book in Wilbur Smith's hugely popular Courtney Series. Continues on the story of the first generations of Courtney from Blue Horizon. This is the sixth book in the Birds of Prey series and follows on from Storm Tide and Ghost Fire.

Multimillion copy bestselling author Wilbur Smith returns with a brand-new historical epic set in Africa.

Warrior King

by Wilbur Smith

South Africa, 1820. When Ann Waite discovers a battered longboat washed ashore in Algoa Bay, she is stunned to find two survivors: a badly scarred sailor and a little boy. As the man walks away into the morning mist alone, refusing to take the child - Harry - with him, Ann is left with no choice but to raise the boy as her own.
After two years of disaster and hardship in the African interior, desperation drives Ann and Harry back into the path of the mysterious shipwrecked man. Ralph Courtney has recently escaped from Robben Island and is determined to seek his fortune in Nativity Bay, the hidden harbour that his father told him about when he was a boy. But it isn't long before Ralph, Ann and their fellow settlers learn that Nativity Bay now lies on the borders of a mighty kingdom, where the warrior king Shaka rules. With no means of making their way back to Algoa Bay, Ralph is forced into a bargain with the Zulu king which will lead him to confront the past that he has been running from for his entire life.