NR Brodie’s first novel, Knucklebone has been getting fantastic reviews by book reviewers and book lovers alike. 

“Despite the gore and spirits, the novel is laced with wit and lighthearted moments and the pace of the chase will keep you up through a brightly lit night.” - Sue Grant-Marshall, Business Day

“I’m only three chapters in, and it’s a breathtaking ride. I have no sense of where it’s going yet, but the first shots have been fired, the first blood has been spilled, and it’s beckoning me on, into the darkness, with the grip of a knuckle that will soon be cut to the bone.” - Gus Silber

“I found Knucklebone’s pace and imaginative prowess invigorating and could not put the book down. A sequel is something to be wished for.” - Karina Magdalena, Cape Times

Watch NR Brodie talk about how the book come about and why Johannesburg is such an influential part of her novel:

“NR Brodie artfully weaves a story of the ordinary in a backdrop of the extraordinary. Hers is a world in which magic and dark deeds dance beyond the notice of her characters, and yet the power of the inexplicable is both attractive and unavoidable. Furthermore, Brodie's characters are likeable and South African without being subjected to horrible bouts of colloquialisms and cliches.” - A Girl with a Book blog